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Sonic Librarian on Mayweather vs Pacquiao TV Spot!! This is the BIGGEST BOXING SPOT OF THE LAST 25 YEARS!!! No joke. This fight is breaking records and this is the main spot promoting the event!

HBO This True Detective spot featuring “Seventh Kingdom” won gold at NY Festivals and also Pro Max Gold for clip trailer of the year!!

Flash Vs Arrow “Dirty Perdition from Volume 79: Dark Side of the Rock

SHARK TANK “Generation Hope” from Volume 44: Festive and Majestic Composer: Erik Gamans


REIGN Cue: Deploy the Sentinel – Vol 84 Engage Mechanism

RESURRECTION Written by Proofsound and Erik Gamans. Haunting vocals by Alana Gentry.

FOREVER Lots of drops in spots for ABC’s coolest new show. Here’s one example featuring “Elevation Creation” from Volume 71: Hostile Environments

SCANDAL ABC’s mega hit show drops Sonic Librarian into their spots on the regular. PARENTHOOD! Great NBC show and they LOVE SL! REIGN on CW! Sonic Librarian and our contributors Proofsound are EVERYWHERE! HARD KNOCKS “FACES” Launch Spot “Faith and Pain” from Volume 84: Engage Mechanism¬†

– HARD KNOCKS! The first of 3 trailers we are working on for HBO’s awesome show! This one features Burst at the Seams from Volume 81: Building Dubstep

m/ True Blood Final Season Launch Trailer “Sunken Alloy” from volume 71: Hostile Environments TRUE BLOOD: Farewell to Bon Temps Here’s the awesome promo with 10 Seconds to Live from Volume 79. We contributed 20 (TWENTY!!) cues for the show as well!




GAME OF THRONES – COMIC-CON IN MEMORIAM TRAILER Quite a buzz about this trailer. Our cue “The Heart of Hero” plays in the 2nd half. Written by Florian Walser and lovely cello played by Jeness Johnson.