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ABC: Once Upon A Time is wrapping up their season and chose Sonic Librarian to give a sneak peek into how it might end. Cue used here is Conveyor of Lies by Proofsound off of Volume 116: Industrial Overlords



ABC: Simone Biles, Rashad Jennings, Normani Kordei & David Ross are the final four on this season of Dancing with the Stars and Sonic is there to pump up the intensity. Cue used here is Age of Tomorrow by Proofsound off of Volume 92: Machines Have No Conscience

NBC: James Spader has teamed up with his former adversaries to put some villains away and Sonic Librarian is backing him up. Cue used here is Jetpack by Proofsound off of Volume 104: Threatening Skies II 


CW: Riverdale has found a home with teens and adults alike and Sonic Librarian is right there too! Cue used here is Here I Am by Proofsound off of Volume 101: Anthem of the Airwaves II

ABC: Viola Davis keeps shining in her award-winning role as Annalise Keating and Sonic Librarian is providing a musical backdrop. The cue here is Fractured Valve by Jonathan Mayer off of Volume 111: Tragic Cinematic VI

ABC: Designated Survivor, which brings Kiefer Sutherland back to the political sphere, has been blowing up and Sonic Librarian is along for the ride. They utilized Jetpack by Proofsound off of Volume 104: Threatening Skies II

HBO: Chris Gethard’s new one-man show touches on the dark recesses of suicide through the levity of stand up comedy. Sonic Librarian was lucky enough to provide some music for such an important dialogue. Cues used: Slabberdash, Dressed for the Flow and Chemtrails

Mayweather vs Pacquiao: This is the BIGGEST BOXING SPOT OF THE LAST 25 YEARS!!! No joke. This fight is breaking records and Sonic Librarian has provided the main spot promoting the event!

HBO: This True Detective spot featuring “Seventh Kingdom” won gold at NY Festivals and also Pro Max Gold for clip trailer of the year!!


ABC: SCANDAL, mega hit show drops Sonic Librarian into their spots on the regular. Cue used here is 10 Seconds to Live by Proofsound off of Volume 79: Dark Side of the Rock


NBC: Parenthood, feel good dramedy, shows love to Sonic Librarian in this spot. Cue used is Amor Vincit Omnia by Proofsound off of Volume 80: Proofsound’s Ad Extremum



HBO: HARD KNOCKS! The first of 3 trailers we are working on for HBO’s awesome show! This one features Burst at the Seams from Volume 81: Building Dubstep