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ABC’s Marvel Agents of Shield
Cue: Seize Machine” from Volume 71

CLOSED CIRCUIT Trailer – Focus Films

Of course HBO wanted some Sonic Librarian music to launch their new show!

Sonic Librarian has spread to FX Network and our debut trailer is WICKED!

TRUE BLOOD Season 6 Trailer!
Awesome cue called “Beneath the Ice” by Per Kihlborg from SL Volume 68: Tragic Cinematic 3

Music and sound design by Sonic Librarian’s Proofsound, Per Kihlborg and Erik Gamans. YES!


Once Upon a Time

Red Widow

Yep, We did the music for this hot new talk show on FOX!






Excited to see the BMI statement on this one…it’s airing a LOT!


Thrilled to be part of the promotional campaign for this hilarious new movie!

Boardwalk Empire!

HBO turned to Sonic Librarian to launch season 3 of their hit series. Did we deliver? You be the judge…

True Blood Comicon Trailer

This is one of the coolest damn trailers we’ve ever seen. The fact that we did this music is beyond SICK! Sonic Librarian’s favorite new composers, Proofsound, got contributions from Erik Gamans on this cue and we’re proud of the result!


Sonic Librarian’s “In the Air” on Grey’s Anatomy promo!

Tommy Fields wrote this for us and Nikki Boyer donated her lovely voice. Sounds perfect for this show!

Sonic Librarian in Game of Thrones Trailers!

We’re thrilled to be part of HBO’s promotional campaigns. We’ve always felt our epic approach to creating music cues was a perfect match for HBO and now it has come to fruition! *insert crowd noise and orchestral crescendo here*

This cue is called “Bareback Gorilla”. Chris McLernon wrote this one. He and Erik Gamans rocked the guitars.

MOB DOCTOR! Fox needed something edgy and they knew where to look!



New ABC show The Glass House

2 different Sonic Librarian cues in here!

Very Cool “Who Do You Think You Are” Trailer. NBC

Heidi Strock cut this one. Girl has some game.

Sonic on NBC’s SMASH Trailer!

Sonic Librarian’s music has been featured almost every week on this first season of NBC’s new hit show. We’re digging it, that’s for sure.

Street Fighter!
These drums are pretty kick ass, huh? Sonic Librarian’s Ricky Sanders at the helm for this one!


We are psyched to be part of promos for How I Met Your mother and Two and a Half Men. We do much more than Epic Drama music!


Sonic Librarian Creates the Sound for ACC College Sports!

Per Kihlborg is lead composer with producer Erik Gamans also getting contributions from Rick Sanders and Pete Kneser. Each featured Saturday game is chock full of SL’s main theme. After every score, the crowd goes wild and Sonic Librarian drives you into commercial!

Sonic Librarian Composes New Divorce Court Theme!


Yep, it came out great and will begin airing with the show’s new look in September 2011. Thanks to Composer Per Kihlborg for doing the heavy lifting on this project.

TNT Knows Sonic Librarian, Too!

We’re thrilled to be working with TNT on their promos. So far it’s been Rizzoli and Isles and The Closer and we’re sure that’s just the beginning!

SUPER BOWL! During the 2 minute warning with the Steelers down by 6 points, Fox aired a Terra Nova trailer featuring Sonic Librarian’s cue “Stronghold” from Volume 37: Epic Choirs.  Huge!

We’ve been doing tons of custom work for Big Bang Theory spots. FUN!

Fox is using our orchestral music a lot on House spots. Love that show!

Check the VIDEOS page for a cool American Idol trailer that featured “Dramatic Attack” from SL Volume 49

HBO Sports used some of Sonic librarian’s orchestral music to promote the Marquez vs Diaz fight! Check out Volume 56 for Jochen Flach’s “Resurrection Connection”

Lots of Sonic librarian in ABC promos! Castle, Desperate Housewives, Off the Map, Dancing with the Stars, Detroit 187, The Bachelor and more!

CBS is using lots of Volume 41: Trailer Orgy I in their trailers for CSI: Miami

Spike TV shows some awesome UFC fights and SL is supplying music

Sonic has been featured in recent promos for Fox shows including House, Hells Kitchen, Lie to Me and Human Target

Check the VIDEOS page for a cool No Ordinary Family trailer that featured music from SL Volume 58: Orchestral Heroics

Sonic Librarian has been featured in trailers for ABC’s final season of Lost

ABC used Sonic Librarian’s Volume 57: Piano Epics to launch their new show Find My Family

NBC launched their new show Who Do You Think You Are with music by Sonic Librarian. Oh, and that music was on OPRAH, too!

If you’ve seen a trailer for The Bachelor or Grey’s Anatomy lately then you’ve probably heard Sonic Librarian

In NBC’s The Office, Dwight demolished his kitchen while cranking Sonic Librarian!

Fox continues to reach for SL for it’s action music. 24, Bones, Kitchen Nightmares and Human Target have all featured Sonic!

MTV has featured SL cues in the shows Teen Cribs, Parental Control, Nitro Circus, Making the Band

Medium moved to CBS but still uses Sonic librarian in promos

NBC’s show Chuck has been using SL’s Volume #47: Electric Trailerland 2 in their trailers

Don’t you love ABC’s new show Modern Family? We do, too and we really loved it when we heard our music in the trailers!

Dancing With The Stars teased this new season with music by Sonic Librarian

NBC’s top rated show The Biggest Loser features Sonic Librarian music in promos almost every week!

CBS goes to Sonic for NCIS: LA and CSI: NY and Criminal Minds trailers.

ABC is utilizing SL’s Tragic Cinematic CDs in their promos for Flash Forward, Eastwick, Dating in the Dark and Defying Gravity

NBC is promoting The Jay Leno Show, The Biggest Loser, Trauma and Southland with music by Sonic Librarian

V was launched with a little help from Sonic Librarian

Warner Brothers Worldwide has used SL music in spots for Scooby Doo, Dark Blue, Captain Cook, The Lake, Human Target and Cold Case

Sonic’s cue “Winner’s Circle” was featured in NBC’s Susan Boyle: Dare to Dream special. Composed by MJ Rizzo

Sonic Librarian was featured in a DVD trailer for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Sonic Librarian has been featured in ABC promos for Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty, Dirty Sexy Money and Private Practice

ABC has been using Sonic Librarian’s Epic Choir cues in Grey’s Anatomy promos almost every week!

Cues from SL’s CD#44 Festive and Majestic have been dropped into promos for ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Ever see an NBC promo and wonder who is doing those chimes at the end? It’s Sonic Librarian!

When Fox needs music for 24 trailers, they reach for our CD#49: String Driven Drama

Sonic Librarian was featured in the home video trailer for The Bourne Trilogy

Sonic Librarian’s Vol. 2 Crunchy Punchy was featured in the ad campaign for the Dodge Ram Challenge

CBS has used Sonic Librarian in recent promos for Without a Trace, The Unit and Harper’s Island

ABC displayed Sonic’s Epic Choir cues in recent promos for The Bachelor

Fox has used SL cues in recent promos for Dollhouse and Lie to Me

3 of SL’s EPIC CHOIR cues were featured in a recent HELLBOY trailer for Comicon

DISNEY uses cues from SL’s CD#40 in trailers for Snow White and Little Mermaid

Sonic Librarian on the soaps? Yep, Bold and the Beautiful and Guiding Light have both featured Sonic Librarian cues from CD#9: Divine Inspiration

Supernatural and Privileged have used our Swells From Hell in promos for the CW network

If you hear music on NBC’s American Airlines pieces, then you are hearing Sonic Librarian

Sonic Librarian just scored the opening theme music for Lifetime‘s new show Diet Tribe

E! used Sonic Librarian’s music in their series Living Lohan

Sonic Librarian has been featured in promos for new ABC shows WIPEOUT and THE MOLE

AMERICAN IDOL featured Sonic Librarian’s cue “Revenge of Marwan” in their promos during David Cook’s run to glory.

COMPOSER: Mars Lasar

Disney has featured Sonic Librarian’s cue “Ring of Honor” in it’s trailers for LITTLE MERMAID: ARIEL’S


Sonic Librarian will be featured on trailers NBC’s hit Series HEROES once again in Fall 2008

FOX has featured Sonic Librarian cues in promos for FAMILY GUY and THE SIMPSONS!

Check out for plenty of laughs and… Sonic Librarian music!

CBS drives it’s action promos for CSI, The Unit, Cold Case, NCIS and Shark using cues from Sonic Librarian’s SWELLS FROM HELL CDs

CW has featured Sonic Librarian in promos for GOSSIP GIRL

RAMBO is back and Sonic Librarian is all over the trailers!

ABC has used the Sonic Librarian cue “Dizzy Dean” in promos for DANCE WAR.

Sonic Librarian has been featured on a theatrical trailer

for the new Warner Brothers release, 10,000 BC!

Sonic Librarian has been featured on the CBS favorite, JERICHO

Kids Love Sonic Librarian! Cues from our “Chronic Symphonic” CDs have been

featured in promotions for the newest BABY EINSTEIN DVDs.

Hey! We had a song in ABC’s show BROTHERS & SISTERS! CUE: Mile High Club COMPOSER: Chris McLernon

SL cue “Reign of Kayra” (Vol 25) was featured in a trailer for NATIONAL TREASURE 2: BOOK OF SECRETS.

MTV’s Pimp My Ride is currently airing shows that are chock full o’ Sonic Librarian

E! has added Sonic Librarian to their new show Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Spike’s new series “Murder” features Sonic Librarian’s cue “Zero Hour” in every episode!

There are many Sonic Librarian cues to be heard on MTV’s The Real World & Road Rules …airing now!

Several cues from Sonic Librarian’s EPIC CHOIRS CD have been featured in trailers for NBC’s mega hit HEROES

Sonic Librarian will be heard in USA’s new show Dr Steve-O

Sonic Librarian is featured prominently in NBC’s promotional campaign for their new hit BIONIC WOMAN

ABC featured SL cue “UK Stomp” in their trailers for new comedy CARPOOLERS.

Composer: Johnny Hawthorn

2 Sonic Librarian songs were featured in promos for NBC’s FRIDAY NIGHT

LIGHTS in January 08′.

NBC’s Fall Preview Show has Sonic Librarian featured from top to bottom!

Sonic Librarian has been added to MTV’s THE HILLS.

ABC used 3 cues by Sonic Librarian in their launch promo for the new Grey’s Anatomy spin off PRIVATE PRACTICE. Composer: Matt Waldrum.

Sonic Librarian has been added to MTV’s MY SUPER SWEET 16.

Sonic Librarian cues “Pee Wee”s Jamboree” and “Chatterbox” were featured in the DVD trailer for Warner Home Video’s TOM & JERRY. Composers: Keith Rishkofski and Eugene Kulkov.

CBS has used SL cue “Thoughts of You” featuring Alana Gentry in their

promotions for new drama CAIN.

Sonic Librarian’s “Counter Attack”, written by Keith Rishkofski was just featured in the DVD trailer for HEROES: Season One